Geaux Phish Pilot of the FOURSight Platform & Louisiana Cyber Resilience Service Bureau

South Louisiana Economic Council Partners with FOUR18 Intelligence for the Geaux Phish Pilot of the FOURSight Platform and Louisiana Cyber Resilience Service Bureau 

The Geaux Phish Pilot of the FOURSight Platform and Louisiana Cyber Resilience Service Bureau is aimed at helping high value or executive users gain a proactive approach to protect their business and assets against cyber threats and phishing. The Geaux Phish Pilot is being led by FOUR18 Intelligence, in partnership with the South Louisiana Economic Council (SLEC) under a program of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). 

The pilot will demonstrate FOUR18’s FOURSight advanced cybersecurity threat detection and response platform that leverages technology originally developed by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA).Transformyx, one of the top technology solutions companies in the Gulf South providing digital business transformation, will act as the centralized administrator and will coordinate analytical and response services during the pilot.

Cyber attacks can disable or breach computers, and allows cyber criminals access to phish sensitive information such as usernames, credit card details, and passwords. As technology advances, cyber criminals are able to create extensive phishing campaigns that can be difficult to detect.

“Businesses in the Bayou Region now have to prepare and protect themselves from not only natural disasters or unforeseen economic downturns, but from the cyber warfare that is taking place globally,” said Vic Lafont, President and CEO of SLEC. 

The Geaux Phish Pilot objective is to demonstrate the feasibility of a market-based on-demand solution to a community-based cyber defense that is facilitated by the FOURSight platform and staffed by a state-wide virtual cyber workforce. 

The pilot will allow participants to receive proactive, real-time alerts of cyber phishing threats so defenses can be prepared. Through the pilot, phishing threats across all user online activities are monitored and anonymized, including email and social media. 

Through this proactive approach, participants of the pilot will receive notifications of validated, severe threats and will be provided options designed to protect their organization—potentially before the cyber criminal has penetrated or had time to execute.

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