SLEC Calculates Manning Passing Academy’s Economic Impact

If trends hold, the Bayou Region can expect a healthy economic boost when the 21st annual Manning Passing Academy kicks off Thursday, June 23, at Nicholls State University.

According to data prepared by the South Louisiana Economic Council (SLEC), available at the four-day academy’s economic effect in 2015 totaled $4,454,767 in direct tourism, entertainment, and field maintenance spending.

“It’s seldom recognized, but the sports industry is a huge economic booster to many communities across the country,” said Vic Lafont, President and CEO of SLEC. “For the Bayou Region, it goes well beyond our local sports venues because we’ve had the advantage of hosting the Manning Passing Academy in our own backyard for the past 12 years.”

Tourism activities related to the camp generated $2,628,888 in 2015, Lafont said.

Dr. Bruce T. Murphy, President of Nicholls State University, said the Bayou Region can expect the summertime economic boosts to continue.

“Nicholls State University greatly values its ongoing partnership with the Manning Passing Academy, which has led to facility improvements, national publicity and exciting opportunities for our campus,” said Nicholls President Dr. Bruce T. Murphy. “Beyond benefits to the university, the camp brings a significant boost to our local and regional economies, contributing more than $15 million over the next six years. Nicholls looks forward to working with community partners and businesses to deliver a great camp experience and to ensure that the Manning Passing Academy continues to make its home in our community.”

The Manning Passing Academy moved the four-day camp to the Nicholls State University campus in 2005 through the partnership of the South Louisiana Economic Council, The Manning Family, and Nicholls State University. Each year, over 1,000 campers and their families along with coaches and support staff travel to the Bayou Region for this annual event. Any individual or business wishing to assist or help sponsor the event can find additional information at