Vic Lafont Joins Governor-Elect Jeff Landry’s Transitional Council For Economic Development And Fiscal Policy

THIBODAUX, LA — The South Louisiana Economic Council (SLEC) announces President and CEO, Vic Lafont, has been invited to serve on Governor-Elect Jeff Landry’s Transitional Council for Economic Development and Fiscal Policy. This appointment is a significant acknowledgment of Lafont’s extensive experience and unwavering dedication to economic development in the region.
The council, an assembly of leaders from various sectors throughout Louisiana, is tasked with offering strategic advice and recommendations to the Governor-Elect, focusing on enhancing Louisiana’s business friendliness and economic competitiveness.
“I am deeply honored to participate in this critical initiative. Working alongside Chair Ben Bordelon and Chair Mandi Mitchell, as well as other council members, we aim to develop forward-thinking strategies that will enhance our state’s economic landscape,” expressed Lafont.
This role offers an influential platform to ensure that the economic interests and challenges of South Louisiana and the Bayou Region are considered in the state’s broader economic policies.
The South Louisiana Economic Council continues its mission to stimulate economic growth and enhance the quality of life in the region. Lafont’s involvement in the Transitional Council is a testament to both his and the council’s impactful commitment to advancing Louisiana’s economic well-being.