Food Manufacturing

The sugar cane industry is confined by the crop’s growing conditions and the logistics of transporting sugar cane. Mills that process the sugar cane into raw sugar must be located near cane plantations since cut sugar cane is too bulky and heavy to ship. Mills in this category process cane into crystals of raw sugar that can be transported in bulk, like grain, aboard ships or by land. For the fiscal 2000 harvest, cane sugar production reached a record 9.035 million short tons, thanks to increased output from Louisiana.

There are 1,586 total employees in the food manufacturing industry, with sales totaling $357,339,384.

Available Incentives
Enterprise Zone The Enterprise Zone (EZ) Program is a JOBS incentive program that provides Louisiana Income and Franchise tax credits to a business hiring a minimum number of net new employees
Quality Jobs The Quality Jobs Program promotes economic development by encouraging businesses to create well-paid jobs.
Industrial Tax Exemption Program The Industrial Tax Exemption Program is Louisiana’s original incentive program for capital investments.