Metal Parts Manufacturing

Louisiana’s manufacturing strengths and strategic import/export location make it a logical site for shipbuilding activities and provide great infrastructure for the industry. Other segments of this industry include valve and pipe manufacturing, metal stamping, support activities for oil and gas operations, and all other machine shops.

The ship building and repairing category covers establishments primarily engaged in building and repairing ships, barges, and lighters, whether self-propelled or towed by other craft. This industry also includes the conversion and alteration of ships, the manufacture of offshore oil and gas, well drilling and production platforms (whether or not self-propelled). Establishments primarily engaged in fabricating structural assemblies or components for ships, or subcontractors engaged in ship painting, joinery, carpentry work, and electrical wiring installation are classified in other industries. Boat building and repairing are excluded as they are in a separate category.

There are 5,540 employees in the metal product manufacturing industry, with sales totaling $1,584,992,764.

Available Incentives
Enterprise Zone The Enterprise Zone (EZ) Program is a JOBS incentive program that provides Louisiana Income and Franchise tax credits to a business hiring a minimum number of net new employees.
Quality Jobs The Quality Jobs Program promotes economic development by encouraging businesses to create well-paid jobs.
Industrial Tax Exemption Program The Industrial Tax Exemption Program is Louisiana’s original incentive program for capital investments.
Technology Commercialization Credit & Jobs Program Technology Commercialization Credit & Jobs Program is a tax credit awarded to companies for investing in commercialization of Louisiana technology and creating new jobs in Louisiana.